What Others are Saying

We would like to share with you some comments from our customers about our products and services. Out of respect for the privacy of our customers, we have not included their full name only initials.

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I LOVE my new maternity skirts. Finding long modest maternity skirts anywhere is nearly impossible - these are perfect. Great length, modest cut, styles with pockets, nice fabric weight. I ordered 5 - a denim, 2 shirred inserts, a brown skirt with ruffles at the edges and a black skirt with pockets. They are all great. I also got a maternity slip - what an unheard of but needed item! It's so hard to find regular slips these days, much less maternity slips. Thanks for filling a greatly needed area of my wardrobe. The service was wonderful as well - items shipped quickly and exchanging one skirt (just not my "style" - otherwise a great item!) was also quick and easy. Email questions were answered quickly and accurately. I will recommend you often!

- A.D.,New Hampshire, USA
Hello, thank you for sending my order so quickly. I received it today and was very happy with the skirt and slip. They fit me just right and I have never been able to order a skirt that fits me at my height of six feet. Thank you! I am looking forward to ordering more skirts from you.

- E. F., Massachusetts, USA
It was so nice to receive my skirts so fast! I do love them. I wore the Double Pocket today and several sisters from our church would like to order skirts from you now! I was able to go online and show them your website. If you are ever running specials on shipping or sales, pleased send me an email! I already see another skirt I would like to order from your site.

- E. M., Texas, USA
I just had to write you and let you know how much I LOVE my new skirts!!!!!! I got the Khaki Panel skirt and the new Blue Ruche skirt! I had to wear the Ruche one to church this morning! I have to lose a little more baby weight before I can get into the khaki one. But I can't wait! I can almost zip it up all the way and can tell it looks SO good on! I bought the Black Crunch (it was on sale) for a friend and she was really excited! She is new to dressing more modestly and wearing skirts all the time. I didn't grow up wearing skirts all the time or embracing my femininity. Nor did I dress modestly while in college. The Lord changed my heart about 4-5 years ago, and now I love to look like a woman and wear skirt all the time. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find modest skirts. I have had to get most of mine from Goodwill or other used clothing places. Anything new is usually too provocative. So, long story short, THANK YOU for making such pretty skirts and making it easier to dress modestly! I can't tell you how pretty I feel when I look in the mirror wearing my newCreation skirts! I can actually have a new and one IN STYLE and very flattering! Thanks for your hard work!

- K.J.,North Carolina, USA