About Us

newCreation LLC was founded in 2004 from a desire to provide modest, affordable clothing for women without lengthy hours of shopping disappointments.   As time went on we streamlined our business to making skirts, maternity skirts, and slips. 

Our partner families are dedicated to sew exclusively for us.  We’ve attempted additional sourcing to offer our customers a consistent supply and a wider variety of designs, these attempts invariably resulted in disappointment.

Today our partner families are the only ones sourcing fabric and sewing our skirts hence the often limited inventory.

We, along with our partner families are dedicated to create modest yet stylish designs sewn in mostly natural quality fabrics with excellent workmanship to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. 

Customers partner with us in creating modest yet stylish and functional designs for active women who desire to dress modest.   Obviously, there are more body shapes than designs but we strive to offer variety of styles and several lengths to accommodate as many customers as possible.  No other company offers skirts in as many sizes and lengths as newCreation.

We are devoted to provide a genuine alternative to today’s extreme fashions or yesterday’s dated look. It’s our desire for women to look beautiful and move about with upmost confidence and comfort in modest apparel.

Thank you for your interest in modest skirts; may we offer you the "go to" or "reach for" skirt in your wardrobe. 

Chris and Sigrid Peterson
newCreation LLC