Frequently Asked Questions

Measurements & Sizing - Missy sizing 

How do I take my measurements to ensure proper sizing?

Please refer to our Measurement and Sizing section for details on how to measure along with our size/measurements.


Are the measurements the actual measurements of the garment?

Yes. The garment is styled to fit modestly, and in most cases it is not necessary to order a larger size for a more modest fit.  Some customers prefer to wear their skirts lower or prefer a loose fit in that case, a larger size may be the answer.


How do I measure the length of a skirt?

From the top of the waistband to the bottom of the hem.  Please refer to our Measurement section on how to measure.


How do I measure the waist?

Your natural waist, where the torso is the smallest.


How do I measure the hip?

Measure the fullest part of your hips, approximately 8" below the natural waist.


What is a Maternity Mid Belly?

A shorter, stretchable belly with an adjustable waistband which is quite comfortable during the early part of the pregnancy.  Depending on preference,  at the latter stage of the pregnancy it may be worn below, above, or right on the belly. This style is also suitable for post-maternity and/or for anyone preferring a soft stretchable waistband.


What is a Maternity Comfort Belly?

A longer, stretchable version of a soft stretchable belly, which comfortably covers the belly throughout the entire pregnancy. Some customers shorten the belly after maternity to fashion it into a regular skirt with a stretchable waistband.


Will a certain size always fit me the same?

Not always. The fit depends on the measurements, style and fabric and the person’s body shape.  Measurements based on Missy sizing. 

  1. Some styles may fit below the natural waist – dropping lower to the hip fitting a little tighter in the hip area.

  2. A skirt without a waistband generally fits more comfortable.

  3. The body shape of a person will also determine which style will fit best, i.e. A-line, straight, or fuller style.

  4. Type of fabric or cut will influence the fit. Natural fabric with a small amount of spandex to retain its shape is desirable. Knit fabrics are often more body-clinging. Skirts cut on the bias can be form-fitting.

  5. Denim skirts with much spandex/stretch are often more form fitting.

 What is the difference between number sizing and letter sizing. 

Number sizing is more precise for a preferred fit (i.e. size 8) 

Letter sizing is a combination of two sizes; the measurements of a size 8 and 10 averages a size medium. 

If a size 8 fits perfectly than a medium may fit lose.  Or if a size 10 is a little too lose than a medium may fit perfectly.  

Number sizing is frequently used in tailoring, whereas letter sizing is more common in casual clothing.  

What does it mean when the tag states size 10-33 ?

10 is the size and 33 is the length in inches. So 10-33 means it is a size 10 and 33 inches in length or 16-39  means it is a size 16 and 39 inches in length.


Inside the waistband of my skirt it shows a tag with the number 36.  What does that mean?

There are two tags inside the waistband; the one sewn next to our brand tag (nC newCreation) identifies the size of the skirt i.e. 10 or M, etc. The tag sewn below our brand tag (nC newCreation) indicates the length of the skirt i.e. 30, 33, 36, 39.


Product Availability

How often to you restock?

We post new and restocked items every four months, however with Covid restrictions and a broken logistics system we are never sure when our next collection is available.   Covid certainly has put a wrinkle into fabric availability. 

Very seldom are we able to restock exactly the same fabric of a particular design.  We purchase fabric at the local market.  When we find a good fabric we purchase all that is available at that time. Once the fabric is used for a specific design it is very difficult to find the exact same fabric again. 

For example, if you see a "dusty rose" colored skirt that you love, don't wait hoping we will restock it again, the chances are zero.  Any colored skirts will not restock because we are not able to find the fabric again.  That also applies to certain weight and color denim skirts.  It is extremely difficult to find exactly the same fabric twice.  This has been our experience in 17 years of making skirts. 

We will re-make a popular designs in similar fabric, or at times in a totally different fabric.  Classic designs are always re-made in a similar fabric or totally different fabrics. 


How come you are out of my size, and when will you re-stock?

The quantities we make varies with design and size.  Some sizes sell out faster than others. We do make a larger quantities of popular sizes and lengths.  At times we guess right and have sufficient supply and other times a popular design sells out quickly and we have misjudged customer’s buying preference. It’s a guessing game and not an exact science.  We look for the day when we can outguess customer buying preferences and can offer every size and length at all times :)   Frankly, we feel bad when we cannot offer the size and length a customer is asking for. 


How can I be assured to get the skirt I want?

We recommend for customers to sign up for the newsletter to be notified when new arrivals are posted.  We don’t send many emails but always notify our customers when new items are posted or when we put items on sale.    Since Covid some sizes/lengths sell out very quickly and at times before we email our newsletter.   Over the last two years customers tend to stock up on their favorite skirts so certain styles or sizes sell out fast. 

With a recent new shipment a style/size/length sold out in a few days taking even us by surprise.  

To avoid disappointment, we recommend if you find a skirt design and fabric that you like, go ahead and order an additional skirt as there is no guarantee that we can make the skirt in the same fabric again.  At times the fabric may be heavier or lighter, the color or the thread used for top stitching may be different.   

We spent many hours searching for fabric customers are asking for, but finding the right and/or suitable fabric has become a real challenge.  Our commitment to offer quality fabric and modest feminine designs remains our hallmark. 


Do you accept back orders? 

No, as we cannot control fabric availability.


Do you accept pre-orders?

No, as we cannot guarantee that the item will be exactly as expected even if the fabric is denim or the style is the same.  The fabric may be slightly different. 


Do you accept custom orders?  

No, our experience has taught us it is best to avoid disappointment.  Customers have one picture in mind, we have another and our tailor yet another. 


What sizes do you make?

We make Misses sizes 0-24 mostly in four lengths, i.e. 30” 33”, 36” and 39”.  Not all sizes come in all lengths; the length is determined by the style and demand.  

We don't know of any company that makes 12 or 13 sizes and 3-4 different lengths of the same style.  Big stores make only the most popular sizes and one length as that is cost-effective.  

Making XXS or XS sizes requires us to make extra pattern and XXXL sizes take much more fabric but yet we don't charge more for XXXL39" length.  Some retailer do charge more for larger sizes as it takes substantially more fabric.  


Do you make Women sizes?

No. We are very busy trying to keep up with 13 Misses sizes in four lengths.


What is the difference between Women and Misses sizes?

Women's sizes are cut differently with a larger waist than misses. Consequently, women's sizes are approximately one size larger than comparable misses sizes.


Do you make Children sizes?

No; however, many of our size 0 and XXS sizes fit many young girls.  


Why don’t you make more Modest Tops?

All our items are hand tailored and not mass produced. It is not possible to compete with major department stores that mass produce tops.


Why don’t you make Maternity Tops?

Again, our clothing is handmade and we cannot compete with large companies specializing in maternity fashions.


Why don’t you make Dresses or Jumpers?  

Dresses are very individual and to accommodate a suitable selection of styles requires  a substantial investment of time and money.    


Why don’t you make Swim Skirts?

Swim skirts are a specialty item, and there are several companies that offer beautiful modest swim wear. 


Do you make Sport or Outdoor Activity Skirts?

We offer a sport skirt in black and gray and a sweat skirt in the same colors. Both are very suitable for sport and outdoor activities.  Keep the sweat skirt on, change the top, and wear it to dinner.


Will you continue to offer Silk Slips?

This depends on the cost of silk.  Silk currently is very expensive.  The cost of the fabric could exceed what customers are willing to pay.  


 Will you continue to offer Maternity Slips?

Yes, maternity slips are made of cotton. 


Some of you have asked! 

Is there a meaning to the names of the skirts? 

Yes, some have a deeper meaning than others.  See below. 


 Why are some named after women?  

This answer may surprise some reader. The skirts are either named after women who passed away from cancer or survived cancer.  We try to match the design to the personality of the women as best as we can.

Others are named after women who designed the skirt or provided a skirt sample  For example:

  • The "Margot" is named after my sister who passed away of breast cancer.  
  • The "Sandra" is named after the sister of a dear customer who passed away of cancer.
  • The "Gladys" is named after a close friend who suddenly passed away of cancer
  • The "Pamela", a nurse who fought a courageous battle with cancer (nurses seem to like this style of skirt).
  • The "Jeni" is a cancer survivor. 
  • The "DonnaRose" is the woman who designed the skirt. 
  •  "Rachel" provided a sample skirt. 
  • "Anna" is named after the daughter of the designer of  the skirt. 
What's in a name?   Always a beautiful and touching story! 



Shipping and Handling 

What shipping options are available?

  • Domestic standard shipping is via USPS Priority shipping
  • International standard (below 4 lbs) or priority shipping

     How are the shipping charges calculated?  

    Shipping charges are based on weight and shipping address.  Shipping charges are real time and calculated by the system.  

    Denim skirts weigh more than a regular cotton skirt.  If the weight of an item exceeds one pound the system automatically calculates the charges at two pounds as this is what we are being charged.


     What shipping fees are included in the international shipping charges?

    Only shipping charges:

     Please note: Duties and taxes applicable in a specific country are paid by the customer.  Many countries do not charge duty for small retail orders but may charge the local sales tax if an order exceeds the allowable import amount.  Some countries charge horrendous import fees.  Please check on the fees your country may charge. 


     Do you charge Sales Tax?

    We only collect Sales Tax on item shipped within the State of Washington where we are located.


     How long does it take to ship an order?

    Orders are processed within 24-48 hours or sooner.  Shipping within the USA takes 1-3 days depending on the address. Many zones receive their order within two days.

    Canadian orders take approximately 6-10 days standard shipping depending on Customs Clearance.

    Most other international orders take 10-14 days standard shipping.

    These transit times may vary somewhat since Covid. 


    Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes, on orders of $180 or more and Exchanges.  We are doing everything we can to keep our skirts priced as low as possible and still stay in business.  To offer free shipping for all orders would require a price increase of the skirts.  Customer feedback said they rather pay for shipping than a price increase in the skirts.